Citrus caviar tree

Citrus caviar tree

Citrus caviar tree
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The Citrus Caviar Tree is a variety of fruit tree that produces unusual edible fruit which contain citrus 'pearls', looking like caviar and bursting with flavours of lime and a hint of grapefruit. ... A very pretty and compact tree, great for growing in containers on a patio as well as your garden. A self fertile tree.

Latin Name: Citrus Australasica.

Common Name: Citrus Caviar Tree, Caviar Lime, Australian Finger Lime.

Native to: Southeast Queensland and New South Wales Australia.
Hardiness: Can withstand light frost

Growth: Shrub or small tree with dense dark green foliage. White and sometimes pink flowers. Self fertile. Unusual elongated fruit with juice pearls very similar in appearance to caviar but tasting of lime and grapefruit. Perfect for patios

Exposure: Sheltered.

Sun: Full sun/partial shade.

Soil: Any. Nutrient rich.

Moisture: Regular watering.

Feeding: Fertilize every month.

Pruning: Lightly prune annually after fruiting in Autumn.

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