Citrus limonia osbeck tree - 2ft

Citrus limonia osbeck tree

Citrus limonia osbeck tree - 2ft



Rangpur (Citrus limonia Osbeck) is a natural selection that probably originated in India, and was previously thought to be a hybrid of acid mandarin (Citrus reticulata) with either the rough lemon or sour orange (Hodgson, 1967; Saunt, 2000);

Latin Name: Citrus Limonia 'osbeck'.

Common Name: Rangpur Lime Tree.

Origin: Rangpur, India.

Hardiness: Hardy down to -3 degrees for short periods. Better kept frost free though.

Growth: Evergreen ornamental fruit tree with glossy green leaves and delicious, sharp tasting fruit  a golden orange in colour. Leaves can be used in flavouring foods too. Easy to grow. Fragrant white blossom with flower buds being a lilac pink. Prolific cropper.

Sun: Full sun.

Exposure: Sheltered.

Flowering Season: Late Spring.

Soil: Free draining.

Moisture: Water freely in summer. Less in winter.

Feeding: Feed every 2 weeks through summer.

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