CITRUS 'MITIS'. Calamondin Orange Tree. Spiral Formation.

CITRUS 'MITIS'. Calamondin Orange Tree. Spiral Formation.

CITRUS 'MITIS'. Calamondin Orange Tree. Spiral Formation.


Citrus trees instantly bring a piece of the Mediterranean to your garden. Grown in a sunny, sheltered position they will produce crops of delicious sweet fruits even in the UK, with only basic maintenance.
The Citrus 'Mitis', or Calamondin Orange Tree is a cross between a Kumquat and a Tangerine and produces a large quantity of small round edible fruit around 1-2inches in size. The fruit is very long lasting, but is very tart so it can easily take the place of a lemon in recipes and it is also used a lot in Asian cooking.
Perfect as an ornamental tree too with glossy bright green foliage, beautifully scented white blossom and colorful fruit year after year. The trunk is trained in a spiral formation adding extra interest. A very pretty tree, great for growing in containers as a houseplant or on a patio as well as your garden.

Latin Name: Citrus 'Mitis', Citrofortunella Mitis.

Common Name: Calamondin Orange Tree, Dwarf Orange Tree, Dwarf Citrus Tree.

Origin: China

Hardiness: Hardy down to -5

Growth: Evergreen ornamental fruit tree with glossy green leaves and sharp tasting long lasting fruit. Easy to grow. Fragrant white blossom.

Sun: Full sun.

Exposure: Sheltered.

Soil: Free draining.

Moisture: Water thoroughly and then allow surface of soil to dry before re-watering. Less in winter.

Feeding: Feed every 2 weeks through summer with a citrus feed..

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