Citrus sinensis delta tree

Citrus sinensis delta tree

Citrus sinensis delta tree

Valencia are the most popular oranges used to make orange juice. In fact, they are grown in Florida more than any other orange variety for producing juice. The Valencia orange is valued for its sweet-tart taste, juiciness, and the beautiful bright orange color of the juice squeezed from it. Our Valencia orange trees are seedless.

This citrus tree ripens in the summer, which is unusual for orange trees, and may bloom again while fruit remains on the tree. This can allow for multiple harvests. Ripe fruit can be left on the tree and harvested as desired, rather than needing to be harvested immediately.

This is a sweet orange, citrus sinensis ‘Valencia’, as opposed to a bitter orange. The origin of this variety is disputed, but it was named after the city of Valencia in Spain, which is known for its orange production.

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