Sweet orange Tree

Sweet orange Tree

Sweet orange Tree
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The tree of the sweet orange often reaches 6 metres (20 feet) in height. The broad, glossy, evergreen leaves are medium-sized and ovate; the petioles (leafstalks) have narrow wings. Its white five-petaled flowers are very fragrant.

Latin Name: Citrus Sinensis.

Common Name: Sweet Orange.

Native: Mediterranean Europe.

Origin: Asia and Vietnam

Hardiness: Hardy down to -5

Growth: Evergreen ornamental fruit tree with glossy green leaves and delicious, sweet, seedless fruit. Easy to grow.

Sun: Full sun.

Exposure: Sheltered.

Flowering Season: Spring.

Fruiting Season: Summer/Autumn.

Soil: Well drained.

Moisture: Water well in summer.

Feeding: Use a balanced liquid fertiliser such as 'Citrus Focus' every 2 weeks during the growing season.

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