Passiflora belotii

Passiflora belotii

Passiflora belotii

Passiflora x belotii often incorrectly spelt as x bellotii, belottii or belotti. It is a hybrid of P. alata x P. caerulea. Named P. alato-caerulea by Dr Lindley in 1824, John Vanderplank’s book lists the following alternative names, P. x belotii, P. ‘Empress Eugenie’ (nice article with great pics), P. ‘Imperatrice Eugenie’, P. ‘Kaiserin Eugenia’, P. munroi & P. x pfortii, some of which are still in use. The latest Passiflora hybrid lists have collapsed them all into ‘P. x belotii‘. Flower variations however include either a dark or light centre, one or a number of white bands on the coronal filaments & petals crumpled to varying degrees. Clearly there are a number of similar but distinct hybrids, probably all of P. alata x P.caerulea parentage. Passiflora x belotii ‘Perfume Passion’ is a new version of the cross with Plant Variety Rights applied for. It is my view that they have been overcollapsed & could probably be separated out again, but as they are decorative & all thought to be sterile it did not seem to matter too much. That has changed however as Sandra Prais has repeated the cross and produced fertile offspring.

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