Apricot tree

Apricot tree

Apricot tree

APRICOT TREE Prunus armeniaca (Rosaceae)

Love the heat, stand the drought and fears wetlands. Fears the late frosts. In cold regions, plant it in a sunny sheltered locations. It grows on all areas, also calcareous. Wait 2 to 4 years for a good harvest.

PRUNING: Blooms on trunks one year old. Pruning little by ittle, to do not gum the tree, in the period from December to February. Remove suckers fully developed on the part of the cup and larger branches located inside, to assist the sunny of the fruit. It is also advisable to carry a light summer pruning in June, removing only the most vigorous suckers grown in the upper and inner part of the tree.

POLLINATION: It is self-fertile in most cases. For the latest varieties, combine with other variety that bloom at the same time.

PLANTATION: Plantation frame 5x3 a 4x4. The potted plants can be transplanted throughout the whole year, bare root seedlings are planted from December to February.

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