Fig tree Napolitania

Fig tree Napolitania

Fig tree Napolitania

The ‘Neapolitan Bacorera’ fig tree is a biferous variety of common fig type, with very low production of brevas and very high figs.

The brevas are noticeably later than the rest, and sometimes they just ripen when the figs of the honey drop begin to ripen. Unfortunately, an adult tree can only produce between 5 and 20 brevas a year, and sometimes none. It is a large, long, stylized, hard and very compact pulp, juicy and tasty. The dimensions of the breva are 47 x 89 mm and the weight 58 g. The skin of the breva is black or dark purple, and the elongated shape, with the long peduncle, very attractive. The meat is pink, very compact, sweet and very tasty. The cracks are large longitudinal. They usually mature from mid-July.

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