Elephant Ears.

The Alocasia Zebrina is a very unique and ornamental plant. Graceful stems are beautifully striped and are topped with glossy, deep green arrow shaped leaves. This very stylish plant is becoming increasingly popular and is great for providing a focal point in either office or home. Easy to care for, liking a bright spot with indirect sunlight.

Latin Name: Alocasia Zebrina.

Common Name: Zebra Alocasia, Zebra Plant.

Origin: Southeast Asia.

Hardiness: Protect from frost. Indoor Plant.

Growth Characteristics: Very stylish and impressive house plant. Glossy green arrow shaped leaves. Beautifully striped graceful stems. Can go dormant in winter. Harmful if ingested.

Sunlight: Bright spot with indirect sunlight.

Soil: Rich fertile soil moisture retentive soil.

Moisture: Keep moist. Water with bottled or rain water. Mist leaves regularly again with bottled or rainwater. Stand on a pebble tray to increase humidity.

Feeding: Feed regularly in summer.

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