The Aloe Vera is a very unique evergreen succulent plant. This large perennial is very short stemmed forming a dense rosette of narrow green lance shaped leaves which are thick and fleshy. The gel inside each leaf can be used to relieve pain from burns, scrapes, rashes, bites and stings whilst also able to cool and soothe sunburn if applied topically. Each leaf has small white teeth along their margins. Mature plants can occasionally produce a tall flower spike with long lasting brightly colored yellow tubular shaped flowers, however this is quite rare if kept as a houseplant. Very easy to keep and great for growing in pots needing minimal maintenance.

Latin Name: Aloe Barbadensis.

Common Name: Aloe Vera

Origin: Arabian Peninsula.

Hardiness: Frost tender. Best kept above freezing.

Growth Characteristics: Large evergreen perennial succulent.  Decorative rosette of thich fleshy lance shaped leaves with small white teeth along their margins. Gel inside the leaves can relieve pain if applied topically. Mature plants may produce a flower spike of long lasting yellow tubular shaped flowers.

Sun: Full sun/partial sun.

Exposure: Sheltered.

Soil: Well drained soil. Sandy/gravelly.

Moisture: Water deeply but infrequently. Do not let the plant sit in water. Water sparsely in winter.

Feeding: Feed in Spring with half strength liquid balanced houseplant feed.

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