The Neoregelia Carolinae 'Tricolor' is one of the most popular bromeliads with stunning variegation. Narrow shiny lance shaped green leaves are striped with white and rose pink, arranged in arching rosettes to form a well in the center into which water is collected and absorbed through modified cells at the base of the them. As the plant matures, with the onset of flowering time, the whole center of the plant becomes a stunning intense red color which lasts for several months. The inflorescence itself is long lasting and a violet to lavender color but not particularly showy. Mature plants are between 14-16 inches and will produce offsets. Perfect for bringing some color to your house, patio, conservatory or greenhouse. Can be grown outside through summer and brought in through winter. Very low maintenance and easy to grow.

Latin Name: Bromeliad Neoregelia Carolinae 'Tricolor'.

Common Name: Bromeliad Blushing 'Tricolor'

Native to: Brazil. Columbia. Peru.

Hardiness: Frost tender.

Growth Characteristics: Symmetrical rosette of shiny narrow leathery variegated lance shaped leaves. Approaching flowering time the inner rosette becomes an intense red color. Long lasting flower stalk can emerge at any time through the year and can remain for several months. Produces offsets. Easy to look after.

Sun: Full sun/partial shade.

Exposure: Sheltered.

Soil: Free draining gritty substrate. .

Moisture: Use distilled water or rain water. When watering ensure the middle well is filled as most of the water is absorbed through cells in the leaf bases. Don not over water the soil around the plant as this can cause the plant to rot.

Feeing: Do not fertilize as high nutrients turn the plant green.

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