HELICONIA STRICTA. Dwarf Jamaican Heliconia.

HELICONIA STRICTA. Dwarf Jamaican Heliconia.

HELICONIA STRICTA. Dwarf Jamaican Heliconia.


Dwarf Jamaican Heliconia.

The Heliconia Stricta brings an amazing tropical touch as a Houseplant or planted into a sunny border through Summer. One of the most popular Heliconias because of its small size, its vibrant colored blooms and ease of care. Growing in clumps only up to around 3ft tall it has long smooth oblong shaped dark green leathery leaves. The actual flowers themselves are quite insignificant and only last a around a week but they are protected by eyecatching vibrantly colored red orange bracts which are extremely long lasting. Perfect for bringing an exotic feel to your garden, patio, conservatory or greenhouse.

Latin Name: Heliconia Stricta.

Common Name: Dwarf Japanese Heliconia. Firebird. Lobster Claws. False Bird Of Paradise.

Native: Bolivia. Columbia. Ecuador. Peru. Venezuela. Cost Rica.

Hardiness: Frost tender. Can be grown outside during Spring, Summer and Autumn but will need to be brought inside before the frost.

Growth: A smaller dwarf variety up to 3ft. Evergreen perennial. Large oblong shaped dark green leaves. Long lasting and unique upright inflorescenses with red orange bracts. Flowers from June-September. Undemanding and easy to grow.

Sun: Partial sun. Well lit room.

Exposure: Sheltered from wind.

Soil: Rich and loose. Well drained soil.

Moisture: Water regularly in summer. Keep moist. Dryer in winter.

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