Monstera Deliciosa

Monstera Deliciosa

Monstera Deliciosa
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15L/3-3.5ftH x 3-3.5ftW/£119.95

35L/3.5-4ftH x 3-3.5ftW/£179.95

40L/4-4.5ftH x 4-4.5ftW/£209.95

Monstera deliciosa, the Swiss cheese plant, is a species of flowering plant native to tropical forests of southern Mexico, south to Panama. It has been introduced to many tropical areas, and has become a mildly invasive species in Hawaii, Seychelles, Ascension Island and the Society IslandsLatin Name: Monstera Deliciosa.

Common Name: Swiss Cheese Plant, Mexican Breadfruit, Split Leaf Monstera, Hurricane Plant, Cheese Plant.

Origin: Southern Mexico, Panama, India.

Hardiness: Protect from frost. Indoor Plant

Growth Characteristics: Evergreen. Large glossy green heart shaped leaves with distintive splits and perforations on maturing. Can reach 3ft long and 2ft wide. Likes large pots, the larger the pot, the larger the leaves become. Easy to care for. Harmful if ingested.

Sunlight: Bright indirect light.

Exposure: Indoor House Plant.

Soil: Rich. Well drained soil.

Moisture: Water regularly through the growing season. Allow top 2 inches of soil to dry before re-watering. Water less in winter. Mist occasionally. Do not let sit in water.

Feeding: Feed once a month through summer with half strength liquid feed.

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