Cylindrical Snake Plant.
The Sansevieria Cylindrica is a stunning structural houseplant. Spear like tubular fleshy leaves up to 3cm thick have smooth surfaces, colored dark green and cross banded with a paler green. Occasionally a flower spike of pink-greenish white will be produced. A very impressive and contemporary looking plant is is not only very easy to look after, it helps purify the air as it absorbs airborne toxins and expels oxygen. Will grow quite happily in sunshine or shade while withstanding dry air draughts and drought.

Latin Name: Sansevieria Cylindrica.

Common Name: Cylindrical Snake Plant. African Spear Plant. Elephants' Toothpick.

Native to: South Africa.

Hardiness: Frost tender. Best kept between 15-23 degrees but can take 10 degrees for a short time. Extremely drought and draught tolerant.

Growth: Cylindrical smooth spear-like leaves dark green in color with cross banded with a paler green. Slow growing. Air purifying plant. Can be put outside during warmer months. Will tolerate neglect. Mildly toxic if ingested.

Sun: Bright indirect light but will tolerate some shade.

Exposure: Houseplant.

Soil: Well drained.

Moisture: Water sparsely. Allow to dry between watering's. Do not allow to sit in water.

Feeding: Feed a weak dose of cactus or general purpose fertilizer once a month during the growing season.

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