Dictyosperma Album var Conjugatum. Round Island Hurricane Palm. The Dictyosperma Album var. Conjugatum is a rare collectors palm only found on the Round Island in the Indian Ocean. When mature this very attractive palm tree has a dense full crown of long gracefully arching leaves with short petioles and close set leaflets. The dark green leaflets grow from the rachis on a single plane with the tips staying joined together to produce its distinct, very attractive appearance. New emerging leaves stand vertically. The solitary trunk is short and stout, with a slight bulge at its base and white leaf scars are present. It is the smallest of the 3 varieties of Dictyosperm.Named the 'Hurricane' Palm for its ability to stand up to strong winds  without being destroyed in its natural habitat. This very ornamental palm is hard to come by and very sought after. Will adapt well to being grown in sunny conservatories and rooms with good air circulation

Latin Name: Dictyosperma Album var Conjugatum

Common Name: Princess Palm, Round Island Hurricane Palm.

Native to: Round Island in Indian Ocean.

Hardiness: Frost tender. Keep above 15 degrees centigrade(fairly usual room temp).

Growth Characteristics: Evergreen. Very elegant solitary palm, with arching leaves. Dark green leaflets stay joined together. Short petioles. Emergent leaves stand vertial. Short stout trunk with a slight bulge at the base and white leaf scars. Smallest of the 3 varieties of Dictyosperma.

Sunlight: Full sun/partial shade.

Exposure: Sheltered. Houseplant: needs good air circulation but avoid draughts.

Soil: Fast draining soil.

Moisture: Water regularly in growing season, but do not let sit in water. Likes humidity.

Feeding: Feed a palm specific fertilizer once a month through the active growing season.

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