HOWEA FORSTERIANA. Kentia Palm. Single Trunk

HOWEA FORSTERIANA. Kentia Palm. Single Trunk

HOWEA FORSTERIANA. Kentia Palm. Single Trunk


Kentia Palm. (Indoor Palm)The Howea Forsteriana Palm is a very elegant  indoor palm. Unlike the usual form of Kentia Palm which is commonly sold in the UK these have a single trunk and are amazingly elegant. Feather-like lush green leaves are long and arching, with wide leaflets topping upright trunk. A very popular palm it is suited for container growing and likes being pot bound. An effective plant for filtering and purifying air, it is a popular house plant and great for providing a focal point in either office or home. Easy to care for, liking bright indirect light but it copes relatively well with lower light conditions and even withstands a certain amount of neglect.

Latin name: Howea Forsteriana

Common Name: Kentia Palm, Thatch Palm, Sentry Palm, Paradise Palm.

Native: Australia(Lord Howe Island)

Hardiness: Frost tender. Indoor Palm.

Growth: Large glossy green feathery fronds on upright slender trunk.  Non toxic. Slow growing, evergreen. Likes being pot bound. Easy to grow.

Sun: Bright indirect light. can tolerate lower light levels.

Soil: Fast draining.

Moisture: Water regularly in growing season, but allow to dry a little before watering. Less in winter. Mist leaves occasionally.

Feeding: Feed once every month in growing season.

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