Atherton Palm.

The Laccospadix Australasica also known as the Atherton Palm is an elegant moderate sized palm which can be solitary or clustering with multiple trunks. In the younger parts the stems are deep green, almost black whilst the older parts are a deep tan-brown in colour with lighter leaf base scars. Medium green finely pinnate leaves are upright with a gentle arch being up to 6ft long and sitting on stout petioles. New leaves can emerge a bronze-red colour but this more commonly occurs in the solitary form. Inflorescenses appear from the crown as an unbranched spike carrying tiny male and female flowers The fruit is bright cherry red when ripe. Great as a house plant as it is easy to look after and a close relative of the Kentia Palm. Grows perfectly well in a container giving a fantastic exotic and tropical look.

Latin Name: Laccospadix Australasica

Common Name: Atherton Palm.

Native to: Australia.

Hardiness: Hardy down to -1.5 degrees for a short period but best kept frost free.

Growth Characteristics:  Evergreen palm. Elegant finely pinnate leaves medium green in colour  slightly arching. Clustering or solitary trunks ringed with leaf scars. Emerging leaves can be a bronze-red colour. Moderately sized.

Sunlight: Bright light/Partial shade.

Exposure: Sheltered.

Soil: Rich well drained.

Moisture: Keep moist. Water regularly during growing season. Do not let sit in water though.

Feeding: Feed a balnced fertilizer during growing season.

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