The Phoenix Andamanensis is relatively new species described by Sasha C. Barrow in 1998. The modern distribution of this palm however is unknown and it is considered threatened.  Its slender trunk is clean and doesn't retain old leave bases and is crowned with pinnate leaves of 2.4m in length. Broad leaflets are closely and regularly set, the same color on both sides and can be up to 3cm in width. All are on the same plane giving the leaf a flat appearance. It is a very beautiful and unique palm tree.
Spines are present. The date fruit is oblong and elongated. Very similar in characteristics to the Phoenix Rupicola, the Phoenix Andamanensis Palm is only distinguished from it by its seed.
A great palm for the collectors.

Latin Name: Phoenix Andamanensis

Native to: Andaman Islands in the Bay of Bengal. North Andaman and Little Andaman. Cinque and Rutland Islands.

Hardiness: Unknown, but probably best kept frost free.

Growth Characteristics: Graceful palm, smooth single trunk, with pinnate arching leaves up to 2.4m long. Closely related to the Phoenix Rupicola. Unique and rare.

Sunlight: Full sun/partial shade

Exposure: Sheltered.

Soil: Moderately fertile soil.

Moisture: Water regularly, but avoid over-watering.

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