RHAPIS EXCELSA. Lady Palm -  4ft


RHAPIS EXCELSA. Lady Palm -  4ft




The Rhapis Excelsa or Lady Palm is a very attractive evergreen clustering palm. Large glossy dark green leaves with blunt tips sit on upright stems which are covered with a coarse dark brown fiber. Very easy to grow, it is a highly adaptable palm, tolerating dry atmospheres and low light levels as well as bright filtered light making it perfect for adding all year round greenery inside the house as well as out. Also known as the Bamboo Palm.

Latin Name: Rhapis Excelsa.

Common Name: Lady Palm, Bamboo Palm.

Native: China.

Hardiness: Hardy down to -4

Growth: Slow growing, clustering palm with glossy dark green divided fan shaped leaves with blunt tips. Stems are covered with coarse dark brown fibre. Very adaptable. Perfect as an indoor palm. Easy to grow.

Sun: Bright indirect light/ full shade.

Soil: Most types.

Moisture: Water regularly through growing season, reduce through winter. Benefits from the occasional misting of leaves.

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