SABAL CAUSIARUM. Puerto Rican Hat Palm.

SABAL CAUSIARUM. Puerto Rican Hat Palm.

SABAL CAUSIARUM. Puerto Rican Hat Palm.


The Sabal Causiarum is probably the most striking of all the Sabal species. It has a massive solitary, stout trunk, topped by a crown of between 20-30 huge costa palmate shaped leaves up to 6ft wide by 6ft long. These are deep green or blue-green and deeply divided with some whitish thin curling threads between the segments. Unarmed. In habitat the leaves are used in the manufacture of hats material.    
This is an impressive and stately looking palm .

Latin Name: Sabal Causiarum. Sabal Causiara

Common Name: Puerto Rico Palmetto. Puerto Rican Hat Palm

Native to: Hispaniola. Puerto Rico. United States Virgin Islands.

Hardiness: -4 degrees when young but will probably need protection in prolonged cold. -12 degrees when mature for short periods.

Growth: Large green or blue-green costa palmate leaves deeply split with whitish thin fibres between the segments. A massive solitary trunk. Unarmed. Very wind resistant and drought tolerant when established. Easy to grow.

Exposure: Exposed/sheltered.

Sun: Full sun/partial shade.

Soil: Prefers well draining but adaptable to others..

Moisture: Regular watering but do not over water.

Feeding: Fertilize every month.

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