SABAL MARITIMA. Bull Thatch Palm.

SABAL MARITIMA. Bull Thatch Palm.

SABAL MARITIMA. Bull Thatch Palm.


The Sabal Maritima is closely related to the Sabal Causiarum and the Sabal Domingensis but it has a more slender and taller trunk whitish in color. Topping the trunk is a crown of about 25 intense green costa palmate shaped leaves which recurve at the tips. The petioles are densely covered with light colored scales which tend to fall off as the leaf ages. Unarmed, this is an impressive and beautiful palm.

Latin Name: Sabal Maritima.

Common Name: Bull Thatch Palm.

Native to: Cuba. Jamaica

Hardiness: -3/4 degrees when mature.

Growth: Large intense green costa palmate leaves deeply split curving at the tips. Petioles densely covered in deciduous light coloured scales. A relatively tall and thin solitary trunk. Unarmed. Salt tolerant when established.

Exposure: Sheltered.

Sun: Full sun.

Soil: Well draining.

Moisture: Regular watering but do not over water.

Feeding: Fertilize every month.

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