SABAL YAPA. Thatch Palm.

SABAL YAPA. Thatch Palm.

SABAL YAPA. Thatch Palm.
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The Sabal Yapa Palm is a very attractive slow growing palm. It has a solitary, tall slender trunk, rough in texture, topped by a crown of between 15-20 large costa palmate shaped leaves. These are a uniform green on both the top and undersides. are unevenly and deeply split with with narrow drooping leaflets. Unarmed. In habitat the leaves are used as a thatch material.    
This is a great tropical looking palm tolerant of drought and salt exposure.

Latin Name: Sabal Yapa.

Common Name: Thatch Palm.

Native to: Berlize. Guatemala. Western Cuba. Mexico.

Hardiness: -4 or slighly lower. Will need protection in prolonged severe frost.

Growth: Beautiful fan palm. Large green costa palmate leaves deeply and unevenly split with unevenly drooping segments. A slender solitary trunk.  Unarmed. Salt tolerant and drought resistant. Easy to grow.

Exposure: Exposed/sheltered.

Sun: Full sun/partial shade.

Soil: Moist. Well draining.

Moisture: Regular watering.

Feeding: Fertilize every month.

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