THRINAX PARVIFLORA. Mountain Thatch Palm.

THRINAX PARVIFLORA. Mountain Thatch Palm.

THRINAX PARVIFLORA. Mountain Thatch Palm.


The Thrinax Parviflora is an extremely graceful palm but very rare in cultivation. Slow growing it has a solitary slender, smooth trunk, topped by an open crown of large nearly circular, deeply divided palmate leaves with twisted and curled leaf segments, medium-dark green on both surfaces and heavily veined. Very pretty this striking architectural palm does well on even poor, rocky or sandy soils and makes an excellent indoor palm given a well lit position. Unusual for the UK and great for collectors.

Latin Name: Thrinax Parviflora.

Common Name: Mountain Thatch Palm. Thatch Pole Palm. Broom Palm. Jamaican Thatch Palm. Palmero Royal. Palmero Thatch.

Native: Blue Mountains of Jamaica.

Hardiness: Tolerates a light frost for a short period.

Growth: Slow growing, solitary trunk palm with nearly circular deeply divided fan shaped leaves with twisted and curled leaf segments, heavily veined, glossy medium-dark green on both surfaces. Very salt and drought tolerant once established. Unusual palm for the UK. Low maintenance.

Sun: Full sun/partial shade.

Exposure: Better sheltered in the UK, but can tolerate wind.

Soil: Sandy quick draining soil. Evenly moist.

Moisture: water regularly through summer, less through winter. Dislikes soggy soils.Drought resistant.

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