Macrozamia Miquelii.

Macrozamia Miquelii.

Macrozamia Miquelii.


The Macrozamia Miquelli is a very attractive Cycad. It is one of the most primitive and unusual ornamentals. Very easy to grow, it is robust and adaptable. It has rosettes of between 30-80 deep glossy green, flat leaves that are finely feathered growing in a circular pattern. Slow growing and evergreen it thrives both as a pot plant and in the garden. The female plants have large colorful cones, which are usually well packed, containing between 30 and 60 seeds, although these are not produced every year. The males however have numerous cones in the leaf axils. A striking cycad and definitely one for the collectors.

Latin Name: Macrozamia Miquelii.

Common Name: Zamia Palm, Wild Pineapple, Burrawang.

Native to: Australia

Hardiness: Hardy down to -3.

Growth Characteristics: Evergreen. Slow growing and upright. Glossy green flat, leathery leaves which are finely feathered. Caudex is usually sub-terranean.

Sunlight: Full sun/partial shade.

Exposure: Sheltered.

Soil: Well drained.

Moisture: Fairly drought tolerant.

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