The Stapelia Gigantea is a fascinating succulent plant. It is not a member of the cactus family, although it does resemble one, but one of the milkweed family instead. Light green spineless stems are angled and upright. The spectacular flowers are one of the largest in the plant world often reaching up to 10 inches across. A pale ochre yellow in colour the flower has an elaborate pattern of transverse dark reddish stripes getting closer towards the centre with a silky texture and fine hairs around its margins. The flower also gives off quite a sickly sweet scent, its way of ensuring pollination.Very easy to keep, great for growing in pots needing minimal maintenance

Latin Name: Stapelia Gigantea

Common Name: Starfish Flower. Zulu Giant. Carrion Plant. Toad Plant. Giant Toad Plant.

Origin: South Africa to Tanzania

Hardiness: Frost tender.

Growth Characteristics: Very easy to grow. Evergreen succulent with pale green upright angled stems. Competely spineless. Spectacular large star shaped flowers, pale yellow with transverse dark red stripes, soft in texture with fine marginal hairs. Flowers have a sicky sweet scent. Requires little maintenance.

Sun: Full sun/partial sun.

Exposure: Sheltered. House plant.

Soil: Well drained soil. Gritty.

Moisture: Water every 7-10 days or so in summer. Keep dryer in winter.

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