Yucca Linearis. Yucca Linearifolia.

Yucca Linearis. Yucca Linearifolia.

Yucca Linearis. Yucca Linearifolia.
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The Yucca Linearis or Yucca Linearifolia is a beautiful, tall, relatively slow growing sculptural yucca perfect for providing a dramatic accent to your garden design.
One of the most cold tolerant, it is hardy to drought, heat as well as severe cold when established, down to temperatures of -15 degrees. It's narrow, flexible leaves are arranged forming a perfectly spherical head. Different from other species it has some remarkable qualities, if it's growing point is somehow damaged it will grow new heads from the trunk and it is also a Yucca which forms multiple trunks at it's base.

Latin Name: Yucca Linearis. Yucca Linearifolia

Common Name: Linear-Leaf Yucca. Narrowleaf Yucca.

Native to:Mexico, United States.

Hardiness: Hardy down to -15 or lower.

Growth Characteristics: Slow growing. Green-blue narrow flexible leaves arranged to form a perfectly spherical head.

Sunlight: Full sun/partial shade.

Exposure: Exposed/sheltered.

Soil: Fast draining soil.

Moisture: Water sparingly, little or no water in winter.

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